Integrating Student Screening & Compliance Services with Clinical Management and Tracking

trajecsysverifystudentsStreamline your allied health program by integrating VerifyStudents screening and compliance services with Trajecsys cloud-based online clinical reporting system. A single source for accessing student background screening, drug screening results, and student immunization tracking directly from the Trajecsys clinical recordkeeping application.

Trajecsys Online Clinical Recordkeeping for Nursing and Allied Health programs offers:

  • Electronic record keeping;
  • Time & attendance tracking;
  • Programmatic outcomes tracking and reporting; and
  • Student Portfolios to review and add to a resume.

VerifyStudents offers cost-effective, convenient student background and compliance solutions:

  • Fast, reliable background checks;
  • Student immunization tracking;
  • Paperless drug screening; and
  • Helps schools meet clinical requirements for students.

Partner pricing is available. Phone: 800.741.7964 Ext. 1 or email

About Trajecsys

Trajecsys Corporation ( was founded in 2005 by two educators. It features an online clinical management and tracking system for students of health-related programs. The application was developed with input from programs at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Health Related Professions. Since its inception, the Trajecsys Report System is now used by hundreds of health education programs nationwide. Its flexibility allows its use for recordkeeping solutions across dozens of different allied health and nursing modalities, including such diverse program specialties as dosimetry, radiation therapy, nursing, radiography, sonography, medical assisting and many others.

About Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening ( is a Cleveland-based provider of pre-employment screening and student background check investigations for many of the nation’s top employers and schools. As a leading consultant to human resources, corporate security professionals, and program managers, Corporate Screening combines state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth examination and analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring employees and students. Corporate Screening’s professional staff of analysts and consultants serves the needs of hiring professionals representing a full spectrum of industries, with special emphasis on healthcare, education, financial services and manufacturing sectors.