Assessments and Evaluations from Trajecsys Report System


Assessments and EvaluationsAssessments or evaluations can be configured in dozens of different ways to gather data from differing user groups (faculty, preceptors, students) on selected subject groups.

We’ll use the program’s existing paperwork to create what’s needed – student self-evaluations, performance evaluations, site or instructor evaluations, and others. Programs can also edit evaluations or create new ones with no assistance from us!

Evaluations can be configured in many ways. Administrators control who sees the result and how scoring is configured and viewed. Reminders for uncompleted evaluations or forms. Faculty can also review who and when an evaluation has been viewed and whether the subject may add explanations or comments to the evaluation. Evaluator identity can be hidden, or results displayed only after a specified period of time. Faculty can even choose to be auto-notified upon the submission of a form or evaluation.

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Trajecsys Corporation was founded in 2005 by two educators. It features an online clinical management and tracking system for students of health-related programs. The application was developed with input from programs at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Health Related Professions. Since its inception, the Trajecsys Report System is now used by hundreds of health education programs nationwide. Its flexibility allows its use for recordkeeping solutions across dozens of different allied health and nursing modalities, including such diverse program specialties as dosimetry, radiation therapy, nursing, radiography, sonography, medical assisting and many others.