Cloud-Based Record Keeping with the Trajecsys Report System™


For Immediate Release – August 16, 2016

Plano, Texas –The SDMS is proud to continue our strategic partnership with the Trajecsys Corporation to offer sonography schools a comprehensive and simple to use cloud-based record keeping system that will help them deliver the highest quality sonography education and meet the JRC-DMS/CAAHEP standards for initial accreditation, annual reporting, and re-accreditation.

The Trajecsys Report System™ easily connects the program director, clinical instructors, and sonography students through a fully integrated, online clinical management system. The Trajecsys Report System™:

  • Eliminates or reduces paperwork
  • FREE to sonography schools and affordable for students
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in clinical instruction and student performance
  • Eliminates time spent sorting, collating and entering data for grade calculations
  • Aids in preparing for accreditation
  • Simplifies preparing registry eligibility verification forms
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Designed by educators for educators

Take a virtual tour today to see the Trajecsys Report System™ in action and learn why over 150 sonography programs use the Trajecsys Report System™ in thousands of sites nationwide. Visit or call 1-800-741-7964 to learn more about the Trajecsys Report System™, its reporting capabilities, how it can be customized to meet your needs, as well as the pricing structure for students.



Donald Kerns, JD, CAE

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

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About Trajecsys

Trajecsys Corporation was founded in 2005 by two educators. It features an online clinical management and tracking system for students of health-related programs. Since its inception, the Trajecsys Report System is now used by hundreds of health education programs nationwide. Its flexibility allows its use for recordkeeping solutions across dozens of different allied health and nursing modalities, including such diverse program specialties as dosimetry, radiation therapy, nursing, radiography, sonography, medical assisting and many others. For more information, please visit: