Trajecsys Announces Support for SDMS Foundation Certification Examination Grant for 2017

SDMSJune 6, 2017. Trajecsys Report System, a leading provider of online clinical recordkeeping solutions for Allied Health and Nursing programs, is pleased to announce its support for the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) Foundation Certification Examination Grant Program for 2017. As a result of the company’s contribution, 35 sonography students from across the country have been awarded SDMS Foundation Certification Examination Grants for 2017.

As part of its commitment to support the SDMS Foundation and students within the Allied Health Communities, Trajecsys is grateful to have the opportunity to provide this opportunity to students as they pursue their professional credentials. These students have demonstrated their commitment to obtaining their credentials and have been rewarded for their efforts. We are looking forward to awarding more qualified students throughout the rest of 2017.

Trajecsys has been supporting excellence in healthcare education since its inception in 2005, and believes it has a responsibility to give back to the allied health and nursing education communities it serves. “Our relationship with the SDMS and the SDMS Foundation allows us to serve the sonography community and our clients better,” said Trajecsys CEO Brian Bright “We are excited to support the SDMS Foundation Grant Program again this year as part our continued support.”

About SDMS Foundation

Formed in 2009, the SDMS Foundation ( is a nonprofit charitable organization affiliated with the SDMS. The SDMS Foundation fosters professional learning and excellence by working to improve the field of diagnostic medical sonography.

About Trajecsys

Trajecsys ( was founded in 2005 by two educators who designed an online system featuring clinical recordkeeping for Program Directors, Faculty, Clinical Education Staff, and Students. Trajecsys provides reports with multiple filtering options, tracking of clinical hours, and management of assessments/evaluations in a single online system. Since its inception, the Trajecsys Report System is now used by nearly 1000 programs nationwide in thousands of clinical sites. Its flexibility enables Trajecsys to support over 45 unique modalities, including such diverse program specialties as sonography, respiratory care, radiography, nursing, surgical technology, veterinary technology, and many others.


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